The term flocking is used for the process of coating an undercoat of a surface with so-called flock fibres. According to the domain of implementation, these fibres can be polyamides (nylon), polyester or viscose (rayon). During the flocking process, the fibres are accelerated by an electrical field and injected into the adhesive bed. This creates a seamless and crease-free textile coating. This type of coating gives moulded pieces extra optical as well as functional refinement.

Flocking processes are used for:

  • optically and tactilely refining moulded pieces,
  • Improving smoothness and gliding properties,
  • balancing out manufacturing margins,
  • improving adhesion properties,
  • creating insulation layers as protection against high and low temperatures,
  • reducing rattling noises,
  • creating humidity regulating properties,
  • creating absorbent surfaces or
  • protecting delicate surfaces.

Due to this long list of properties, flocking is in demand in several sectors



Technical Flocking